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1.        CSEM LANKA (PVT) LTD - THE COMPANY           C.S.E.M. LANKA PVT. LTD.  is a Limited Liability Company Incorporated on 27th February 2004 in           Sri  Lanka.  It is  a  special  purpose  company  incorporated by  the  common  directors  of  a           Malaysian Company,  MESSRS  C&S  Engineering Management Sdn. Bhd., for the  sole  purpose           of venturing into property development and construction in Sri Lanka.           From   the  very   inception,  both  companies   has   been  involved  in   business of   property           development  construction and  consultants, undertaking   Public  Works,  Infrastructure   and           Private  Engineering  Works. We also specialize in design and build projects as well as  project           management services.           The  Company have embarked in  our maiden development in Sri Lanka  at  Kollupitiya Road,           Colombo  03,  which   comprises  a  23  storey  commercial  and  residential  building  with  a           development value of  USD20,000,000.00                                                                          REGISTERED ADDRESS                                           NO. 154, NEW CHETTY STREET, COLOMBO 13, SRI LANKA                                             TEL : 0094 – 60 – 213 6492    FAX : 0094 – 11 – 243 2794                                                                            BUSINESS ADDRESS                                                                  39-3/1, GALLE FACE TERRACE,                                                                     COLOMBO 03, SRI LANKA                                                                             HEAD QUARTERS                                                              NO.18-1, JALAN WANGSA SETIA 4                                        WANGSA MELAWATI, 53300 KUALA LUMPUR. MALAYSIA.                            TEL : 603 – 4142 2736   FAX : 603 – 4149 2736    EMAIL : info@csem.com.my 2.        CSEM TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD           CSEM TECH SDN BHD was r ecently  established on  9th  march  2011. It  soon  gained  its  MSC           status and is currently preparing to penetrate the software development industry. Among the           services that would be offered are:           -to plan, design, advise and consult, research and develop, assemble, manufacture, buy, sell,            import, export, relating to multimedia development, info-tech,system integration,networking            solution and design, technical support and services, training and other accessories functions,            and telecommunications.                                                   3.        CSEM LAND SDN. BHD. (897491-K)            CSEM Land Sdn Bhd was established on the 7th April  2010. The sole purpose of this  company            is to acquire  by  purchase,  lease,  exchange,  grant, concession or  otherwise, and  to  hold,            divide, subdivide into building lots, streets  and parks  and otherwise  improve, develop, rent            sell,  convey,  exchange  lease  and  otherwise  dispose  of  land and  generally  deal  in  real            property of every kind and description and any right title or interest therein.                    With the acquirement of these lands, the company aims to turn into  account,  develop  the            land,  freehold  or l easehold  into  housing schemes, amusement  parks,  pleasure  or  tourist            resorts  and  complexes  as  a profit based  organization. Also,  the  land  can be   bought or            leased  for  the  purpose  of  building  thereon  for  sale  or  rent flats,  multi  storey  car parks,            cinema's,  theatre,  shop  or  shopping,  and   office  complexes  and  to  carry   all  business            incidental thereto.                   The scope of works also covers buying and selling of land; to develop and to carry on  in  all            their   respective  branches  or  any  other  businesses and  builders,  masonry  and    general            construction, contractors and houliers and among other things to construct, execute, equip,            improve, work, and advertise railways, refineries, roads, tramways, docks, harbours,wharves,            canals,    water-courses,   reservoirs,    embankment,   irrigations,    reclamations,   sewerage,           drainage and other sanitary works, also water gas and other supply works.                                                   4.        CSEM MACHINERY & TRADING. (897490-K)            Established on 7th April 2010, CSEM Machinery and Trading  Sdn. Bhd.  Intends to carry on  all            or  any  of  trades  or   businesses  of   manufacturers,   assemblers,   dealers,  hirers, stockiest,            importers, repairers,  modifiers,  designers of  equipment, machinery,design  tools, parts  and            articles, maintenance of machinery, machines, machine tools, electric motors, engine, tools,            fixtures, supply, apparatus, equipment, accessories and appliance of every kind  and nature            whatsoever whether land or sea and other general services related thereto.                On the other hand, CSEM Machinery & Trading also intends to  buy, sell,  distribute  and  deal           in  either  as  principle  or  agent,  machinery,  machines  tools,  electric motors  and controls,           engines,  tools,  fixtures, supplies,  apparatus,  equipment,  accessories,  appurtenances  and           appliances of every kind and nature whatsoever.